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for August 2020

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District Support Sponsors

Guinn Foundation

Joe & Nan Johnson Family Foundation

Harl & Evelyn Mansur Foundation

James N. McCoy Foundation

Stephens Family Foundation

School Sponsors

Gene Conley Foundation

M. L. Shanor Foundation

School Support Sponsors

Fain Foundation

First Baptist Church

Hazel and Henry S. Grace Foundation

Roy and Gretta Hogan Foundation

Grade Sponsors

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

J. S. Bridwell Foundation

Community Healthcare Center

Bob and Gail Gilmore

Kadane Foundation

Jeff and Cheryl Ritchie

WFACF - Sara Jane Snell

Wichita Falls Kiwanis Club

Class Sponsors

Atmos Energy Corporation

Kevin and Debbie Baber

Christian Action / Park Place Christian Church

Desk and Derrick Club of Wichita Falls

Donnell Foundation

Martha Fain

First Bank

First Christian Church

Latin Gala Charities

Optimist Club of Wichita Falls

Roland and Laura Ramsey

Rose Street Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Center

Rotary Club of Southwest Wichita Falls

Rotary Club of Wichita Falls

Texoma Community Credit Union

United Supermarkets

WFACF – Darryl and Tanya Moser

WFACF – Priddy Foundation Matching Gifts

Tom C. White Foundation

Wichita Falls Founder Lions Club

Class Support Sponsors

American National Bank & Trust

Lane and Karen Brock

Bullinger Wealth Management

Dr. Andre and Sukie Desire

The Ford House

Woody and Kris Gossom

Tuck Harvey

Vinny Lewis Business Solutions

Libra Foundation

Union Square Credit Union

Darrel Walker, State Farm

Carolyn West

WFACF – Chris and Pat Jones

WFACF – Priddy Foundation - David Wolverton

In Kind Donations

A-1 Freeman Moving Group

Design Works Group

Easy Stor Self Storage

Wichita Falls ISD